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Institution Values

- Ethics and transparency: We value those behaviours that show ethics, transparency and honesty, in the institutional, professional and personal fields.

- Strategic thinking: We value the capacity to develop strategies with vision of future, aligned with the Institute´s objectives, seeking the effective and efficient use of our resources, keeping an attitude of continuous search of excellence and new solutions which add value to the Institute´s products and services.

- Technic-scientific credibility: We value the capacity to generate credibility based on the technical knowledge of each specialty of study, founding our work on the scientific method and on the fairness of the procedures used in all the steps of the research process.

- Respect to the community and the environment: We value the lasting relationships with our community, from an attitude of respect, preserving and contributing to the care of the environment.

- Team work, service and commitment: We value team work because it gives better results compared to individual efforts, making of its own the organization objectives.

- People´s development: We value the development of our people generating a feeling of ownership, offering clear expectations, giving resources and recognizing with respect and fairness personal and group contributions, increasing it intelectually and morally, in order to discover and achieve their potential.