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Institution Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure

The new organizational model committed to the Institutional precept, and adapted to the new identified demands, is formed by three Areas: Political, Management and Programmatic-Operational areas.

  • Political Area: The Institutional policy management is carried out by the Directive Board and the National Director.
  • Management Area: It is formed by the National Director, and four Management Offices: Programmatic-Operational, Management and Finances, Human Resources and Technological Linking.
  • The Programmatic-Operational matrix is formed by: 

Regional Directions:

  • La Estanzuela
  • Las Brujas
  • Salto Grande
  • Tacuarembó
  • Treinta y Tres

National Research Programs:

Presented by Value Chain

Presented by Strategic Areas

Rainfed Crop Production
Rice Production
Dairy Production
Meat and Wool Production
Forestry Production
Vegetable Crop Production
Fruit Production
Citrus Production

Pastures and Forages Production
Family Farm Production
Production and Environmental Sustainability


Technical Units:

  • Biotechnology Unit
  • Agriculture & Weather and Information Systems Unit (GRAS)
  • Seeds Unit
  • Communication and Technology Transfer Unit
  • Computing Unit
  • International Cooperation Unit