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Strategic Plan – Technical Unit of Biotechnology (UTBio)



UTBio Objectives

General Objetives

1)     Contributing to the generation, incorporation to productive processes and diffusion of scientific knowledge and technological innovations in molecular and cellular biology, within the frame of agro biotechnologies.

2)     Promoting the development of programmatic agro-biotechnological projects (within INIA) and inter institutional – within the National Research System – facilitating access to technological platforms (scientific infrastructure, appropriate material and specialized human resources) for the resolution of problems of interest for the sector within a frame of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

These general objectives correspond to the basic components of the functional structure of the UTBio in three main aspects: integrated projects, agro biotech platforms and activities of diffusion and transference.




Specific Objective

Developing projects of scientific and technologic innovation within the area of agrobiotech, conducted by a team of UTBio researchers. Infrastructure, material and human resources are integrated in coordination with R&D consortia and/or networks at national and regional level in order to answer to agricultural demands, considering inputs from the Working Groups and Regional Advisory Councils - where all the actors of the production chain are represented - particularly focussed on:

1° Integration of structural and functional genomic information for biotic and abiotic stress in plants and the development of biotechnologies applied to the selection of crops and forages species.

2° Molecular characterization of animal genotypes and development of biotechnologies applied to the diagnosis and selection by resistance to diseases in bovines and ovines.

3° Development of productive applications for bioactive compounds, either contributing to the prevention of diseases or that are part of the strategies for the integrated control of pests and diseases in the agricultural sector




Specific objective

Fostering the co-participation of researchers teams of public institutions from the National Research System and national enterprises in the development of agrobiotech productive applications based on common technological platforms; implementation of research lines of high pertinence to the access, articulation and sustainability of their respective technological platforms, particularly to those applications oriented to:

1º Development of biotechnologies applied in diagnosis of plagues and diseases in the vegetal and animal area, within the frame of the implementation of national policies for the sanitary protection and international requirements in the subject.

2º Identification and selection of relevant microorganisms for different productive systems (biological fixation of nitrogen, vegetal growth promotion, bioavailability of nutrients, etc.)




A third aspect to be considered for the activities of the UTBio includes carrying out activities of diffusion and technological transference. The objective is generating dialogue opportunities among actors, social and economic, scientific and technical, producers and consumers, contributing to improve the use of agro biotechnologies as part of sustainable productive processes, from the economic, environmental and social points of view. To these effects, the development of institutional advisory activities and technical consultancy related to different stages of formulation and technical advice is considered as part of the common work space of biotechnology researchers. It is oriented to the installation or widening of activities linked to technological transference in agro biotechnologies, training in systems of quality management and services to support their productive development.

The implementation of these aspects as a common work space in agro biotechnologies will ensure the consolidation of the team of researchers in the Biotechnology Unit as an institutional benchmark at the level of Uruguay’s national science, technology and innovation system.




Contact: biotecnologia@inia.org.uy