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GRAS (Climate) Climate
Agroclimatic centres
INIA offers to its users: agroclimatic bulletins, daily agrometeorological observations, daily precipitation and evaporation, daily agroclimatic bank of information and location and information of INIA centres.
National level
Precipitation evolution is observed in two formats: a) maps, b) graphs, as well as outputs of the Soil Water Balance Model for soils in Uruguay.
Meteorological forecasts and weather situation
Two (2) forecasts are presented for Uruguay: 1) CPTEC (Brazil) at 6 days, 2) Official for Uruguay (Meteorological National Office).
- Weather situation in Uruguay is observed.
- Frosts monitoring.
Remote Sensing Information
Satellite images published by CPTEC (Brazil) and NADA (USA).
Quarterly Climatic Outlook
Results of the Climatic Trends Working Group (UDELAR, DNM), regional fora and institutions (IRI, Columbia University).
Climatic Statistics
Here are the values of climatic variables in the INIA agriclimatic centres, such as average temperature, maximum, minimum and minimum on grass, relative humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, heliophany (sunshine hours) and evaporation.
Meteorologic frosts
Frosts occurrence can be foreseen through forecast mathematical models of 1 to 5 hours in advance. CPTEC presents this forecast daily.
Information and Utilities
Tools to convert values in different units and scales: calculation of temperature sensation, temperature conversion, wind speed conversion, atmospheric pressure conversion, relative humidity calculation.