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GRAS (Climate) Climate Agroclimatic centres
Agroclimatic centres
Agroclimatic bulletin
Graphs of average temperature, heliophany (sunshine hours), tank A evaporation, accumulated precipitation, Richardson cold units and hours =< 7.2 °C of the last months and historical for every agroclimatic centre.
Daily agrometeorologic observations
INIA offers to its users a new system of the Daily agrometeorologic observations for the INIA Stations, in Spanish
Daily Precipitation and Evaporation
It is possible to gain access to daily precipitation and “Tank A” evaporation data for the five (5) agrometeorologic centres of INIA.
Agroclimatic Bank of INIA stations
Daily and monthly data bank for the five INIA stations. The available variables are: Air temperature (average, maximum and minimum), average relative humidity, precipitation, evaporation, wind, heliophany (sunshine hours) and evapotranspiration.
Location and information of INIA stations.
General characteristics of Uruguay, introduction and history, location of agroclimatic centres, equipment of the agroclimatic centres, how do we take the meteorologic registrations?
Observaciones agrometeorológicas diarias