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GRAS (Climate) Agroclimatic situation monitoring
Agroclimatic situation monitoring
Daily rainfall registry
Three (3) kinds of daily rainfall registries are presented:
1. Daily registry of precipitations and evaporation at INIA stations.
2. Daily pluviometric bulletin of the DNM.
3. Last-month accumulated precipitations
Frosts Forecasts
Frosts occurrence can be foreseen through forecast mathematical models of 1 to 5 hours in advance. CPTEC presents this forecast daily.
This forecast classifies the conditions as:
- FAVOURABLE to the formation of FROST: RED colour
- MINIMUM to the formation of FROST: GREEN colour
- WITHOUT CONDITIONS for the formation of FROST: BLUE colour
Agroclimatic reports - in spanish

In this section are presented the agroclimatoc reports worked out by the GRAS Unit when the agroclimatic situation shows anomalous conditions (hydric deficiencies of excesses)
Vegetation Monitoring (NDVI)

The normalizad difference vegetation index, IVDN or NDVI, is a variable that permits to estimate the condition of a vegetation based on the measurement, with remote sensors, of the radiation intensity of certain bands of the electromagnetic spectrum which it emits or reflects.
National precipitation: maps and graphs - in spanish

This section presents the precipitation evolution in two formats: maps of monthly, quarterly and yearly accumulated precipitation, and evolution graphs for 80 places
National Soil Water Balance

Soil Water Balance Model for the soils of Uruguay. This model makes an estimation of the available water content of a region considering the type of soil, the effective precipitation, the potential demand of water by the atmosphere and the vegetation transpiration
Weather conditions
Short term meteorologic forecast - in spanish

This section offers 6 pictures with the precipitation forecast of the following 6 days (resolution: 20 km) made by INPE-CPTEC (Brazil
Quarterly Climatic Outlook

Results of the Climatic Trends Working Group (UDELAR-DNM), regional fora and institutions (IRI,- Columbia University EEUU) and the ENSO phenomenum (El Niño – La Niña
Sunflower Phomopsis and alert use - in spanish
The stem canker is a sunflower disease caused by a fungus called Phomopsis helianthii. This fungi has recently appeared in sunflower in the country, and was referred to for the first time in the 2002/03 season, in Mercedes area of influence, Soriano. In the last season the disease was found all over the western part of the country, provoking up to 39% yield decrease
Forecast of DON in wheat for Uruguay - in spanish
Estimation of DON micotoxin levels resulting of the head blight in wheat based on the implementation of DONCast model. Joint work among Guelph University (Canada), the National Office of Meteorology of Uruguay and INIA