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Cultivar Evaluation
Cultivar Evaluation

With an aim to boost and promote the generation of high quality information in the shortest time and with the best possible efficiency, Instituto Nacional de Semillas (INASE : National Seeds Institute) and Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria (INIA : National Agricultural Research Institute), agreed in September 1998, to enter into an agreement to work together in the area of Cultivar Evaluation.

By means of this Agreement, both Institutions bring together their experience and technical capacities in fields related to the evaluation of cultivar behavior; to achieve a more efficient use of the country’s available human resources, infrastructure and economic resources.

In such a way, a multidisciplinary technical team was formed which jointly and in coordination conduct all phases of the process involved in the National Cultivar Evaluation.
Access to Results on Cultivar Evaluation - INASE-INIA Agreement - in Spanish