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Research National Programs
National Programs
National Rainfed Crop Production Research Program
Develop technological alternatives based on scientific knowledge, that allow for stable yield improvement, emphasizing the sustainable use of the natural resources, taking into account the farmers economic benefit and looking for end products with appropriate industrial and nutritional quality.
National Rice Production Research Program
Contribute to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the rice sector through cultivar development and integration of good management practices, in order to optimize yield potential, grain quality and conservation of natural resources in production systems.
National Dairy Production Research Program
Generate, adapt and validate technologies for the national dairy sector allowing its integral development and considering the sector's and the society's economic, social and environmental sustainability.
National Meat and Wool Production Research Program
Improve competitiveness and economic results of meat and wool farmers of Uruguay in a way that reflects a better life quality where identification, adaptation, formulation, development and technology transfer of different technological options allow the increase of quantity, quality and efficiency of production processes and products, taking into account the requirements of the different value chain agents as well as the internal and consumer demands. This proposal has to consider agriculture sustainability and environmental responsibility.
National Forestry Production Research Program
Contribute to the integral development of the forestry sector, promoting competitiveness, sustainability and social equity in the wood chain through trained human resources, network, and capacity for cooperation with the National Innovation System (NIS).
National Vegetable Crop Production Research Program
Minimize environmental impact of productive activities, assuring quality and food safety, promoting commercial insertion and production value.
National Fruit Production Research Program
Strengthen the national fruit sector development improving its profitability through the generation and adaptation of technologies that contribute to its economic and social sustainability with due care of the environment and preservation of natural resources.
National Citrus Production Research Program
Work in a proactive profile for citrus integrated production management oriented to exports, to improve fruit health and quality increasing its added value, and promoting the inclusion of new farmers and market consolidation.
National Pastures & Forages Production Research Program
Develop, adapt and validate technological solutions that maximize production and pasture use efficiency for the different production chains, in a sustainable manner, with a rational and responsible use of the available resources, contributing to the social and economic benefit of the farmers and the society as a whole.
National Family Farm Production Research Program
Contribute, from the scientific research and technological development, to the improvement of social, economical and environmental sustainability of the Uruguayan family farm production systems, the development of the rural areas and the farmers quality of life.
National Production and Environmental Sustainability Research Program
Develop or adapt technology to manage production systems in order to maintain its productivity and competitiveness in the long term, while promoting and valuing the care of the natural resources under use, which are acceptable to society.