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Institution Welcome

We welcome with great pleasure our regular guest readers, as also those who are visiting us for the first time, to this renewed web portal of INIA, The National Agricultural Research Institute of Uruguay. It is by means of this modern and always increasingly powerful instrument for information and communication, which INIA intends to reach a broad and growing spectrum of the national and international public. In this sense, the renovation of INIA’s home site has been mainly dedicated to create and develop an interactive virtual space. In this way we wish to share interests, provide information on major events and on the development of our main projects, allow for the exchange of opinions and suggestions, as well as to participate in forums for issues of particular interest.

In a short review of its evolution, we can say that since the creation of INIA in 1990, information and technology communications have been a priority for the Institute so as to bring the information on technology within the reach of everybody through effective and easily accessible instruments. In December 1991, INIA joined the Uruguayan Academic Network, becoming the first non-academic institute in Uruguay to be connected to Internet through a dedicated digital line.

INIA’s interest is that all activities contribute to accomplish its Mission  by permanently strengthening communications, the updating and constant search of new advances and challenges in science and technology. Fully aware of our need to act increasingly open to the World so as to achieve these objectives, is that we built this space, which we expect to improve each day with your support.

With such view, our web portal comprises information which is useful for both, specialists and producers, as well as for the educational sector, through a powerful search browser that a quickly and easily prospects contents and allows to expand the sources of agricultural information.