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Experiment Stations
Experiment Stations
INIA La Estanzuela
It is situated in the south-west of the crops and livestock farming region of Uruguay, in the Department of Colonia, on Route 50 (Km.11) 11 Kms. from Route 1. This Experiment Station is named Dr. "Alberto Boerger", in memory of its first Director and founder. Its area of influence expands over the Departments of Colonia, Soriano, San José, Río Negro, parts of Florida, Flores, Paysandú and Canelones, comprising a significant diversity of farming systems.

Activities at INIA-La Estanzuela are dedicated to generate and disseminate technologies for the arable soils of the west and south-west parts of Uruguay.
INIA Las Brujas
It is situated on Route 48 Km.10, in the Rincón del Colorado area, Canelones Department.
From a geographical standpoint, the influence area of INIA Las Brujas comprises the whole Department of Canelones, the rural zone of Montevideo and parts of San José, Colonia, Florida, Lavalleja and Maldonado Departments, with special reference to those agricultural products which are typical of farms of this region, such as fresh vegetables, fruit trees including vineyards, and intensive animal production.
Activities at INIA-Las Brujas are mainly intended for farmers in the South Region, though having a projection to other regions of the country, through coordination with INIA-Tacuarembó and INIA-Salto Grande Experiment Stations.
INIA Salto Grande
It is situated in Colonia Gestido, in the area of Salto Grande, Salto Department. The Experiment Station has 112 hectares.
It is difficult to estimate its area of influence, as it could be assumed with no major risk that, for the Departments of Artigas and Salto, a strip of about 30 or 40 kms. wide running along the Eastern border of the Uruguay River would be included in it, while for the Departments of Paysandu and Rio Negro, the width of that strip grows to 100 kms.
It is totally devoted to research in fruit production and horticulture.
INIA Tacuarembó
It is situated in the outskirts of Tacuarembo city, on National Route 5 in its junction with Route 26.
Its area of influence is defined by types of soil and predominant production, comprising the major part of the Departments of Artigas, Salto, Paysandu, the whole of Rivera, Tacuarembo, and part of Durazno, Rio Negro, Flore, Florida and Cerro Largo.
Since it became established, the basic concern was to design improved and diversified production systems, setting up rotations -in suitable soils- which integrate crops and pastures, so as to increase livestock and crop production.
INIA Treinta y Tres
It is situated in the Department of Treinta y Tres, 8 kms. from its capital city. Central installations and facilities are there located, including laboratories, offices, seed processing plant, administration, library and the Director’s office.
Besides the Department of Treinta y Tres, its area of influence extends to the Departments of Rocha, Maldonado, Lavalleja, and part of Cerro Largo, comprising an area which is approximately a quarter part of the whole territory of Uruguay.

Activities at INIA-Treinta y Tres are targeted to research on rice, cattle and sheep raising, forage plants and rotations of livestock and crops

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