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Experiment Stations INIA Salto Grande
INIA Salto Grande

INIA Salto Grande Experiment Station has an area of 112 has., located within Colonia Gestido in the Salto Grande.
Regional Advisory Board and Working Groups - in Spanish

Brief History

January 1947 – A land property of the Municipality of Salto, was handed to the Technical School of Salto, where initially some field experiments with citrus were established. The School Director at that time was Sr. Alcides Casenave.
• In 1952 – it was transferred to the Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture. Ing. Agr. Julio Tucci became its Director, in which position he remained until 1973. There was an expansion of field trials and an increase in personnel.
• In 1971 – integrated into Centro de Investigaciones Agrícolas Alberto Boerger (CIAAB).
• In 1977 – incorporates research in early-season horticulture (greenhouse crops).
• In 1979 -  114 has. of land property of the National Institute for Colonization were purchased to  establish the present premises of Salto Grande Experiment Station.
•  In 1980 – the first stage of the construction of the Station building was initiated.
• In 1981 – the second stage of the building construction begun.
• In 1982 - all technical and support personnel moved into the new premises in May,
• In 1983 – the third phase of the building construction begun (namely laboratories, storehouses and sheds).
• In 1984 – the third phase was completed and the first greenhouse was constructed.
• In 1991 – INIA was created and new infrastructure was built (storehouses, greenhouses and laboratories)



INIA - Salto Grande today

INIA  Salto Grande Experiment Station is fully dedicated to research in horticulture and citrus production.

Research comprises the following National Programs:

•the National Citrus Production Research Program, has its headquarters in this Station.

• the National Vegetable Crop Production Research Program, with its headquarters at INIA Las Brujas,  conducts work here on vegetable crops grown  both under cover and/or field conditions.

• the National Fruit Production Research Program, with its headquarters also at INIA Las Brujas, conducts work here on variety and rootstock evaluation for  some species as with peaches and other fruits.

This Experiment Station has an area of 112 has., situated in Colonia Gestido within the zone of Salto Grande, away three kilometers from the hydroelectric dam equally named. Personnel working in the Station amounts to 11 scientists and 35 support staff, including secretary services, operations, administration, laboratories, etc.

It provides information about citrus production to the Northwestern Zone of Uruguay, comprising the departments of Artigas, Salto, Paysandu, Río Negro and also to the Southern part of the country.

It is rather difficult to estimate the area which is under direct influence of INIA Salto Grande, as it is possible to assign for Artigas and Salto a strip of approximately 30 or 40 km wide to the east of the Uruguay River, while for Paysandú and Río Negro, that width increases about 100 km.

Most of the soils are sandy, developed upon the Salto Cretaceous formation, and the Cretaceous-Basaltic Succession in the northern and middle parts of Uruguay, and from the Kiyu formation in the South.





Ms. Carolina Román
E.mail: roman@inia.org.uy

Address: Route to the Dam - Salto.
Tel: 598 (073) 35156 - Fax: 598 (073) 29624

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