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Image Gallery
Image Gallery

Thanks for your interest in visiting this new space of INIA’s Web site. Welcome to it !!

Access to the Image Gallery - in Spanish

The Image Gallery presents a series of photographs registered by INIA. They have been organized in three classes (Animal Production, Plant Production, and Various) and in categories within them.

  • Animal Production: Beekeeping, Livestock (namely cattle and sheep), Pastures and Forages, Small Farm Animals
  • Plant Production: Citrus, Crops (namely grains), Forestry, Fruitculture, Horticulture, Seeds.
  •  Various

You can make your search easier, by introducing key words to the search engine. The photos you see on the list are samples; click on the selected one to have a full view.

The photographs in this gallery can only be used for no profit ends. To keep the image use the right button of the mouse. When using it, the source to quote should be: 

For cases in which these images are wished for other purposes, INIA must be consulted for an authorization.