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NIRS Laboratory


The quality assessment of agrifood materials is an increasingly urgent need for food production and transformation industries. Techniques to carry out these controls are base on the determination, by the way of chemical analysis, of certain components. These analyses are very costly, in terms of material inputs and reagents, as it is also for the time to run them.  

NIRS (near infrared reflectance spectroscopy) is one of the quickest methods for the chemical analysis of samples, with a wide range of uses, as in petrochemistry, pharmaceutics, food industry, etc. The greater development of NIRS has been in the food industry and chemical characterization of agricultural products.

The NIR is part of the electromagnetic spectrum region lying between the 700 and 2500 nanometers, and is the part of the spectrum in which the samples show a low absorption in comparison to other regions of the infrared. The low absorption allows for the infrared radiation to penetrate samples with no preparation, modification or dilution. The radiation entering the sample causes the vibration of linkages Carbon-Hydrogen,  Oxygen-Hydrogen and Nitrogen–Hydrogen. 

NIRS is characterized as being a non destructive, not contaminant and fast method for the analysis of pastures, rations silage, and other agricultural products. 

INIA La Estanzuela has initiated the set up of a service for analysis based on the use of the NIRS method. This service places INIA in the forefront of research centers and universities in Latin America in respect to research, development and use of the near infrared method for the assessment of chemical and nutritional value of agricultural products



Objectives of the Service

  • Develop calibrations for products and foods produced in Uruguay and Mercosur
  • Make the NIRS method be known, as its characteristics, uses, and limitations.
  • Place the NIRS method available to scientists working in different areas of research.  



Working Areas

  • Evaluation of Pastures, Silage and Feedstuffs for animals.  
  • Support to Breeding Programs for Forages and Grain crops.
Quality assessment in Agricultural Products (Meat, Wool, Wood, Fruits, Vegetables)




NIRSystems 6500 (1). Monochromator with a 400 a 2500 nm range, with a Reflectancy and Transmitancy module. .Holds solid, liquid and paste samples.

Software: ISI 3.0



More information

Further information (in Spanish) on this and other matters regarding this service, as Transportation, Delivery of Results, Costs, Payment of service charges, and Annexes on Sampling and Coding of Forms for Dispatch of samples, may be reached at NIRS or contact the person in charge of the service.



Contact us

  • INIA La Estanzuela (Service location)
    • Tel.: ++ 598 574 8000
    • Fax: ++ 598 574 8012
    • Ruta 50 Km. 11 - Colonia