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Services and Tools Laboratory Services Industrial Grain Quality Laboratory
Industrial Grain Quality Laboratory


Objectives for this laboratory are to:

  • participate in INIA projects in which developing technology for grain production is involved (genetic improvement, crop management, etc.).    
  • provide services within INIA or externally.
  • develop research work in the area of industrial grain quality



The Service

The Laboratory for Industrial Quality of Grains has specialized equipment to determine the industrial viability of wheat, barley, sunflower and other grains. Additionally, the laboratory participates in several agreements and projects with other institutions, both national (as the National Wheat Board, National Barley Board, etc.) and international (as PROCISUR, INTA, EMBRAPA, etc.).



Barley grain size fractionation

Flour extraction (Buhler mill)

Flour extraction (Quadrumat mill)


Falling Number



Ether extract

Ash content

Oil content (NMR)

Thousand kernels weight

Test weight

Protein content

Tannin content



More information

Access is open to all farmers, farmer’s advisors, scientists, cooperatives, industries, or other organizations which wish to use the service.

Further information (in Spanish) on this and other matters regarding this service, as Transportation, Delivery of Results, Costs, Payment of service charges, and Annexes on Sampling and Coding of Forms for Dispatch of samples, may be reached at Laboratorio de Calidad Industrial de Granos or contact the person in charge of the service.



Contact us

Scientist In Charge: Daniel Vázquez, Q. F., MSc (University of Manitoba).

E-mail: labcalgr@inia.org.uy   or   dvazquez@inia.org.uy 

INIA La Estanzuela (Service location)

    • Tel.: ++ 598 574 8000, Extensions 1416 and 1431
    • Fax: ++ 598 574 8012
    • Ruta 50 Km. 11 - Colonia