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Irrigation Programming

General Objectives

The Service for Irrigation Programming has the following objectives

Develop a tool for an efficient irrigation management which will allow for crop yield potentials to be expressed by means of an improved use of soil and water resources.

Offer a service for climate, soil and crops, based on computer and communications support.




The Service

Farmer to use irrigation may contract the service for each area under irrigation each year.

The service comprises:

Measurement of soil physical properties in each of the areas under contract: infiltration rate, water retention curve, total porosity (macro and microporosity), bulk density and particle density.

Assessment of irrigation system efficiency.

Access to the service through an electronic address in Internet in which detailed information will be available daily  for each crop and irrigation system on when and how much to irrigate, besides indicating a forecast for the occurrence  of irrigation needs during a period of 24 and 48 hours.

Climate information required for the model is collected automatically through INIA´s  network of automatic weather stations; except for rainfall, which must be recorded and entered into the  system by the farmer through the same web site where recommendations for irrigation are provided.  

The Service is available for all crops grown in Uruguay; programming being  permanently validated at the field through experiments run annually, besides the feedback information from the farm site.  It has been run for: potatoes, tomatoes for industry, onions, carrots, pear, apples, soybeans, rice, corn, blueberries, peaches, alfalfa and sudan grass, in different agricultural regions of the country (Artigas, Salto, Soriano, San José, Canelones, Rocha and Flores   Departments).

It is possible to contract the service partially, to only cover  soil physical characterization and/or the irrigation system efficiency assessment.

INIA’s Irrigation Programming Service is bases upon Sistema Irriga™, developed by the Universidade Federal de Santa María, Brazil.



Access to Service

This service is available to all producers, technical advisers, cooperatives, industry or institutions wishing to achieve an efficient use of water.

For further information and/or access to the service,  please contact:

  • INIA Las Brujas (Service Site)
  • Tel.: ++ 598 2 367 7701
  • Fax: + + 598 2 367 7609
  • Ruta 48 km. 10 - Canelones

Ing. Agr. (Dr.) Roberto DOCAMPO Ing. Agr. (Dr.) Claudio GARCIA
E-mail riego@inia.org.uy E-mail riego@inia.org.uy