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Related sites
Related sites
Proyecto Merino Fino
Access to the Fine Merino Project (in Spanish): “Setting up a Research and Development Project on Fine Merino with the participation of INIA, SUL, the Australian Merino Breeders Association of Uruguay SCMA, and the support of the National Wool Industry” ("Implementación de un Proyecto de Investigación y Desarrollo de Merino Fino con la participación del, con el apoyo de la Industria Lanera Nacional")
Mesa de Trigo
Access to the Wheat Table: a place for the discussion and analysis of
the structural competitiveness of the entire wheat production chain and its products, with a special emphasis on the technological aspects in each of its phases and for the chain as a whole (in Spanish).
Portal del Estado Uruguayo
Access Uruguay’s Government Portal: provides information, facts, texts, music, sounds, photographs, graphs, videos, messages or other materials (contents) transmitted electronically through the Portal, under an exclusive responsibility of the Government (in Spanish)
Lotus Newsletter
The Lotus Newsletter is intended to serve as an informal means of worldwide communication and exchange of views, materials and research information between those engaged in the research and development of Lotus species in the broad sense. Persons interested in lotus improvement, genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, taxonomy, physiology, management, utilization, production, marketing, are invited to contribute
Legume forages for Sustainable Systems. Project FTG-787/2005: Broadening the genetic base of naturalized forage legumes for sustainable pastoral systems. Access to site (in Spanish)
Roya de la Soja
The General Directorate for Agricultural Services of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay (MGAP), together with the National Agricultural Research Institute (INIA) and the Faculty of Agronomy, have set up a National Surveillance Program. In Spanish
The Southern Cone Cooperative Program for the Development of Agrifoods and Agroindustrial Technology – PROCISUR (Programa Cooperativo para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Agroalimentario y Agroindustrial del Cono Sur), created in 1980, constitutes a joint effort by the National Agricultural Research Institutes of Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture – IICA (Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura). In Spanish
The National Agency for Research and Innovation – ANII (Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación) constitutes one of the instruments through which the advancement towards an Innovative Uruguay shall be achieved. Such Innovative Uruguay requires the assistance of research in the most varied fields of knowledge…
In Spanish

The National Association for Potato Seed Producers of Uruguay – ANSEPA (Asociación Nacional de Semilleristas de Papa del Uruguay), is a Civil Association with Legal Status since 2001. Its objectives, according to its statutes approved by the Founding Assembly, are: “To promote the production and use of potato seed with proved identity and superior quality encouraging the development of a national seed industry”. In Spanish