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The Laboratory for Soil Analysis has the following objectives:

  • Develop analytical capacity for research  in the area of soil management and soil fertility for the National Research Programs  on Pasture & Forage Plants,  Crops, Horticulture, Fruit Production, Meat and Wool, Dairy, etc.
  • Provide Soil,  Plant  and Water Analysis Service to farm consultants, cooperatives and individual farmers.



Available Analysis and Analytical Methods




pH in water and  KCl (Potentiometric)  

P/ Bray-I / Resins / Citric Acid (Extraction and Colorimetry)

Ca and Mg (Ammonium Acetate pH 7 and Atomic Emission)

K and Na (Ammonium Acetate pH 7 and Atomic Emission)

Titleable Acidity (Ca(C2H3O2)2 and Potentiometric Titulation)

CICpH7 (Bases + Titleable Acidity)

Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn (DTPA-TEA and Atomic Absorption)

B (Microwave Extraction and Colorimetry with Azomethine H)

Sulfates (Monocalcium Phosphate and Turbidimetry)

Texture (Bouyoucos)

Nitrates (CuSO4 and Potentiometry)

Ammonium (KCl and Colorimetry)

Carbonates (Gravimetric)

Total Nitrogen (Combustion at 950 ºC and detection the N2 by thermal conductivity)

Organic Carbon (Combustion at 950 ºC and detection the CO2 by infrared detector)

Al (KCl and Titration)

CE (1:1 Relation, Conductivimeter)

PMN (Anaerobic Incubation)




Total Nitrogen (Combustion at 950 ºC and detection the N2 by thermal conductivity)

P (Sulfuric Digestion and Vanadomolibdate Colorimetry)

Ca, Mg, Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn (Dry way Digestion and Atomic Absorption)

K and  Na (Dry way Digestion and Atomic Emission)

S (Combustion at 1350 ºC and infrared detection)

Cl (Dry way Digestion and  Colorimetry with Mercuric Tiocianate)

B (Dry way Digestion and Colorimetry with Azometine H)

Nitrates (Al2(SO4)3 and Potentiometry).

Mo (Dry way Digestion and Colorimetry with Potassium Iodide)

Dry Material (Dry whit oven)




pH (Potenciometry)

Conductivity (Conductivmeter);

B (Colorimetry with Azometine H)

K y Na (Atomic Emission)

Ca, Mg, Cu, Fe, Mn y Zn (Atomic Absorption)

ST y SD (Gravimetric)

RSC  Relation between (Total Alcalinity, Ca and Mg)

SAR  Relation between (Na, Ca and Mg)

Coliforms and Pseudomonas (Membrane Filter)

Organic C (Tinsley)

Hardness (Ca and Mg)

Carbonates (Titration)

Nitrates (Potenciometric)

Sulfates (Turbidimetric)



Culture Mediums

Conductivity (Saturated Paste and Conductivimeter)

Nitrates (Saturated Paste, Filtered and Potenciometry)

P y NH4 (Saturated paste, Filtered and Colorimetry)

Ca y Mg (Saturated Paste, Filtered  and Atomic Absorption)

K y Na (Saturated Paste, Filtered  and Atomic Emission)

pH (Saturated Paste and Potenciometry)

Fe, Mn y Zn (Saturated Paste DTPA, Filtered and Atomic Absorption)

B (Saturated Paste DTPA, Filtered and Colorimtry  with Azometine H).



Special Analyses

For other kinds of analysis different from the ones mentioned please consult us.



Quality Control

Soil: Program of Quality Control inter-laboratories from IAC (Agronomical Institute Campinas –San Pablo – Brazil)

Plant: Program of Quality Control inter-laboratories from SBCS-ESALQ (Brazilian Society from Science of Soil – ESALQ – San Pablo University – Brazil)

Internal control in the different materials, soil, plant, water and culture mediums




Espectrophometres of Atomic Absorption/Emission

Graphite Furnace

Elemental Analyses (LECO)

Optical Espectrophometres

pH Meters


MV Meters

DBO Meters






About the sample of soil

We need about 500 gr of fresh sample



More information

Access is open to all farmers, farmer’s advisors, scientists, cooperatives, industries, or other organizations which wish to use the service.

Tel: 4574 8000 Int. 1444 /1497 (FAX)

E-mail: labsue@inia.org.uy



Access to the service

The user has different possibilities to send and payment a sample.

  1. Came to INIA La Estanzuela, pay the analysis and give the sample in the administration.
  2. Send the sample directly to the Laboratory of Soil /INIA La Estanzuela. ID clearly the sample, and the analysis required. The payment be realized from:

Ø  CREDIT URUGUAY BANC: Suc. Colonia / $ and U$S 1904766

Ø  SANTANDER BANC: Suc. Colonia / $ and U$S 123544

Ø  REPUBLIC BANC: Suc. Tarariras / $ 18/1808 and U$S 18/1816


  1. When send the sample send too the proof of payment or send it by fax.




To transport the sample is by the sender, using the recommended agencies, Chadre, Tiempos or Turil.

In every cases send the sample to:

                                LABORATORIO DE SUELOS /




Report Results of Analyses

Since the sample came to the laboratory the report results take at list ten day current. The results will give by e-mail, fax, letter or by telephone, previously pay the requested analyses.




Contact us

Ing. Agr. Andrés Beretta. Phone: 4574 8000 Ext 1444.
E-mail: aberetta@inia.org.uy

Laboratorio de Suelos Plantas y Agua 4574 8000 Ext 1444

E-mail: labsue@inia.org.uy

INIA La Estanzuela (Location of this Service)

            -  Phone.: + 598  4574  8000
            -  Fax: + 598  4574  8012
            -  Road 50 Km. 11 - Colonia