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Milk Quality Laboratory

General Objectives

The purpose is to study several quality aspects of the milk produced in Uruguayan dairy farms, for which it is necessary to create a data base for the components of the economic value of the milk collected in bulk, and also from samples of single cows, so as to be able to explain the results observed in the milk stored in refrigerated tanks.

The way to access an adequate and representative number of samples has been to organize a service that makes compatible the objectives of research with the interests of farmers, specialists and dairy industries.



The Service

Presently, this service makes it possible to carry out analysis for chemical composition and for hygienic and sanitary quality in bulk milk or milk from single cows (one milking, two milkings, or from individual quarters).

Parameters analyzed are:

  • fat
  • protein
  • casein  
  • NNP
  • urea
  • lactose
  • non fat solids
  • total solids
  • somatic cell count
  • total bacteria count
  • psychrophilic bacteria count



More information

Access is open to all farmers, farmer’s advisors, scientists, cooperatives, industries, or other organizations which wish to use the service.

Further information (in Spanish) on this and other matters regarding this service, as transportation, delivery of results, costs, payment of service charges, and annexes on sampling and coding of forms for dispatch of samples, may be reached at …. LINK…..or contact the person in charge of the service.



Contact us

  • Ing. Agr. Yamandú Acosta. INIA-La Estanzuela.
    E-mail: yacosta@inia.org.uy
  • Nutr. Ma. Inés Delucchi. INIA-La Estanzuela.
    E-mail: delucci@inia.org.uy
  • INIA La Estanzuela (Sede del Servicio)
    • Tel.: ++ 598 574 8000
    • Fax: ++ 598 574 8012
    • Ruta 50 Km. 11 - Colonia