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Agreements and Cooperation International Cooperation
International Cooperation

INIA develops its activities within the framework of a challenging international setting of market globalization and increased competitiveness, which make science and technology key factors for sustainable development. In this context, and facing the major challenges of the society of the 21st century (such as food shortage, the threat of the global energy crisis and climate change), the activities of the Institute are focused in the generation and transfer of knowledge and technologies for the sustainable development of the country agricultural sector at economic, social and environmental level.

INIA's objective in the international field is to "strengthen international technical cooperation and its relationships with centers of excellence on a worldwide basis, seeking to contemplate common interests, mutual benefits and complementarities, as well as to observe, adapt and adopt technical and scientific global advances to the reality and needs of the country” (Institutional Strategic Plan 2006-2010). For the most efficient compliance of this mission, INIA recognizes the strategic relevance of developing and maintaining a strong and active link with the regional and international key players in the science, technology and innovation sectors. 

International Cooperation Database