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The Lotus Newsletter has been published annually since 1970. Dr. William F. Grant created the Newsletter and published issues from 1970 to 1984 (Vol.1-15). Initially, the Lotus Newsletter was an exchange of information where opinions and established facts were presented. Request for research material, personal news, new books of interest, meeting notices, letters to the editor, chromosome numbers published during the year, and recent publications, were some of the topic headings. In later issues, Dr. Grant introduced a feature article to lead off each issue. Dr. Grant passed the editorship torch to Drs. Paul R. Beuselinck and Robert L. McGraw who co-edited from 1985 and 1987 (Vol. 16-18). Dr. Beuselinck became sole editor in 1988 until 2002 (Vol. 19-32). The Lotus Newsletter made its electronic debut in 1996 with new volumes (25 and higher) published on the Missouri website. Mrs. Mónica Rebuffo became editor since 2003, published on the INIA website, with the secretarial support of Mrs. Karina Cabrera and Mr. José Furest.

William F. Grant

Robert L. McGraw

Paul R. Beuselinck

Mónica Rebuffo

Karina Cabrera

José Furest


About us


The Lotus Newsletter is intended to serve as an informal means of worldwide communication and exchange of views, materials and research information between those engaged in the research and development of Lotus species in the broad sense. This will encourage research alliances and could prevent overlap of projects. The reports contained in the Lotus Newsletter may be of any phase of research on Lotus breeding, genetics, taxonomy, management, utilization, or physiology. Within each volume you will also find references of current Lotus literature published worldwide. Most literature citations will be  accompanied by their abstract. Biographic sketches and information about research objectives, approaches, and progress including titles of publications will be enclosed, as well as seed requests. Updated information about Lotus researchers will be highly prioritized.

Many thanks to all who have responded to my requests for information about your Lotus research. Your contributions to the Lotus Newsletter will help generate a better perspective of international research, both on the species of economic interest, and on the many other species of the genus Lotus.

Send us the kind of information you would like to see in the Lotus Newsletter. Examples of appropriate topics for the Newsletter are: articles of sufficient interest to a range of Lotus Newsletter readers to be used as feature articles, results of recently concluded experiments, newly released or tentative lotus cultivars with descriptions and full pedigree, recent additions to germplasm collections, genome maps and information on probe-availability and sequences, populations synthesized for specific traits being mapped, reports and announcements of workshops, conferences, symposia, field days, meetings, tours, surveys, network activities, recently launched or concluded projects, notes on production, varieties, pests and diseases, etc., especially if they represent changing or unusual situations, or personal news (new appointments, awards, promotions, change of address, etc.).

Internet availability

From the homepage /sitios/lnl/index.html you should be able to access the current volume or past volumes. If you need a hardcopy you can print a copy for yourself or you simply read the volume of your choice without filling your bookshelf. The initial goal of the Lotus Newsletter Editor is to work the way back through volumes until all the contributions are in electronic format and available on the Lotus Newsletter site.