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The Lotus Newsletter has the information of more than 180 scientists in the database. The records in the Lotus Newsletter database hold the information relating to each researcher as a field -- researcher name and position, general information about the Institution (name, address, personal or group web pages), the list of Lotus species and disciplines/areas of interest, as well as a note field with a brief research summary and the publication registered at the Lotus Newsletter literature database. For further explanations, click below
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Name and Surname Country Email Date of update  
Aïssa ABDELGUERFI Algeria aabdelguerfi@yahoo.fr Aug 9 2005 Visualize
Juan Ramón ACEBES GINOVÉS Spain jacebes@ull.es Jun 2 2004 Visualize
Hernan ACUÑA Chile hacuna@quilamapu.inia.cl Nov 7 2003 Visualize
Shinji AKADA Japan akada@cc.hirosaki-u.ac.jp Aug 26 2004 Visualize
Ryo AKASHI Japan rakashi@cc.miyazaki-u.ac.jp Visualize
Kenneth A. ALBRECHT U.S.A. kaalbrec@wisc.edu Oct 23 2003 Visualize
Adriana ALIPPI Argentina amalippi@netverk.com.ar Apr 12 2005 Visualize
Nora ALTIER Uruguay naltier@inia.org.uy Nov 7 2003 Visualize
Rosario ALZUGARAY Uruguay rosario@inia.org.uy Oct 29 2003 Visualize
Said AMARANI Algeria said_amrani@yahoo.com Mar 5 2004 Visualize
Seishiro AOKI Japan saoki@bio.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp Apr 21 2005 Visualize
Toshio AOKI Japan taoki@brs.nihon-u.ac.jp Oct 13 2003 Visualize
Ana ARAMBARRI Argentina anaramba@yahoo.com.ar Feb 14 2005 Visualize
Alberto ARTOLA Uruguay artola23@hotmail.com Nov 24 2003 Visualize
Ariel ASUAGA Uruguay aasuaga@hotmail.com Ago 19 2005 Visualize
Walter AYALA Uruguay wayala@inia.org.uy Mar 25 2004 Visualize
John F. AYRES Australia john.ayres@dpi.nsw.gov.au Aug 12 2005 Visualize
Andreas BACHMAIR Germany bachmair@mpiz-koeln.mpg.de Oct 30 2003 Visualize
Søren BAK Denmark bak@kvl.dk Oct 16 2003 Visualize
Pedro A. BALATTI Argentina pbalatti@ceres.agro.unlp.edu.ar Aug 19 2004 Visualize
Georgget BANCHERO Uruguay banchero@inia.org.uy Mar 25 2004 Visualize
Gary S. BAÑUELOS U.S.A. gbanuelos@fresno.ars.usda.gov Oct 13 2003 Visualize
Mónica Susana BARUFALDI Argentina msb@faa.unicen.edu.ar Oct 31 2003 Visualize
Manuel BECANA Spain becana@eead.csic.es Oct 16 2003 Visualize
David P. BELESKY U.S.A. david.belesky@ars.usda.gov Aug 23 2004 Visualize
María BEMHAJA Uruguay mabem@inia.org.uy Nov 5 2003 Visualize
David John BERTIOLI Brazil david@cenargen.embrapa.br Jan 2 2004 Visualize
Paul R. BEUSELINCK U.S.A. beuselinckp@missouri.edu Nov 7 2003 Visualize
Arvid A. BOE U.S.A. arvid_boe@sdstate.edu Nov 6 2003 Visualize
Omar BORSANI Uruguay oborsani@fagro.edu.uy Nov 18 2003 Visualize

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