Lotus Newsletter
Andrea Mariel SANSO
Scientific researcher CONICET
Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias. Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.
Department of Biological Sciences
Campus Universitario.
Paraje Arroyo seco s/n.
7000 Tandil.
Lotus species
Lotus corniculatus, Lotus glaber
Areas of interest
Genetics, Taxonomy, Molecular Biology
Background and actual research
Information last update: 06/13/2007

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Research Summary:

My research interests are the Systematic and the Evolution of Higher Plants. I have worked, in particular, on different aspects of native South American plants, including their taxonomy, micromorphology, cytogenetics, anatomy, molecular biology and phylogeny. In the investigations conducted on Lotus we use anatomical, micromorphological and cytogenetic methods. One of our aims is to determine if different cultivars of Lotus glaber and of L. corniculatus are homogeneous in relation to their chromosomal number and, in samples brought by private producers, appearance and frequency of chromosomal numbers.

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